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In the beginning our main focus was the refinishing of bathtubs.

Bathtub and sink refinishing are an inexpensive option to remodeling which our clients liked to freshen up their bathrooms. The next evolution of our business was instalation of commodes and retiling the shower walls and laying down new tile on the floor.

The remodeling phase of our business took off! We now do complete bathroom, kitchen and basement remodel but will still refinish a tub or sink to give your bath some new life.

From remodeling we found that some clients also wanted windows replaced in their new rooms and with that new siding so once again we adapted to our clients wants and needs.

We pride ourselves on doing what our clients want not what we want. Once we start a project we continue until complete and within the time frame we established from day one of the job.

As a father son team we work hard to make your dream a reality, we can if needed offer some suggestions for your new room and will accompany you on your trip to the home improvement store to help you finid what you need to get the job done. Or you can tell us what you want and we will pick it up for you. We also will pick up the larger items of your order for you.